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Welcome to the website of Giant Iron Face printing.

Giant Iron Face is a one-man print business based in Nottingham specializing in providing screen printed merchandise for musicians, businesses & individuals. This website is being kept simple in order to display the necessary information as easily as possible and also to make my life easier. ;-) To see samples of print work please visit one of the social media links listed above.


All garment pricing is subject to change based on current wholesale rates and reflect the highest rate from the available suppliers due to different pricing. Choice of supplier will usually depend on stock availability, please email for an accurate quote. Last updated 7/2/2019. All prices include VAT.


Garment Options:
Colour Pricing:
  • White = £1.65
  • Greys (Ash/Sport) = £1.75
  • Colours = £2.00
Ranges available in unisex and womens styles.


Garment Options: Premium range available in womens styles.


Garment Pricing:
  • Gildan Ringspun Mens Vests = £2.25
  • Gildan Ringspun Womens Vests = £2.25
  • Gildan Ultra Long Sleeve = £4.30
  • Gildan Hammer Long Sleeve = £4.65
  • Gildan Softstyle Long Sleeve = £3.45
  • Fruit of The Loom Baseball Long Sleeve = £3.50
  • Fruit of The Loom Baseball Short Sleeve = £2.70


Garment Pricing:

Prices are given for products manufactured by AllWeDoIs (
Other brands are available on request.


  • Accessories: Tote Bag = £1.10
Please contact us if you have requests for other items and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

This is a small selection of products that are available for printing and many other brands can be sourced on request. Please get in touch to discuss your options.

skinnifit (4K) Russell (2K) kariban (3K) justcool (6K) gildan (2K) fruit-of-the-loom (10K) comfort-colors (3K) b-and-c-collection (2K) awdis (6K) anvil (2K)


Include the cost of printing per unit. All prices include VAT.

Standard Pricing Table

Quantity Print Colours
1 2 3 4 5 6
20 ‐ 29 £1.63 £2.15
30 ‐ 49 £1.58 £2.10 £2.63
50 ‐ 99 £1.52 £2.00 £2.47 £2.94 £3.41
100 ‐ 199 £1.47 £1.79 £2.15 £2.52 £2.89
200 ‐ 299 £1.37 £1.68 £2.05 £2.42 £2.73 £3.10

Additional Print Locations (back/sleeves)

Quantity Colours
1 2 3 4 5 6
20 ‐ 29 £1.30
30 ‐ 49 £1.26 £1.68
50 ‐ 99 £1.22 £1.60 £1.97
100 ‐ 199 £1.18 £1.43 £1.72 £2.02
200 ‐ 299 £1.09 £1.34 £1.64 £1.93 £2.18 £2.48


Each colour in a screen printed design requires it's own individual screen. Each screen comes with a setup charge to cover costs of creating, setting up the screen & cleaning/reclaiming it after use. Setup costs depend on the size of the design.

Terms & Conditions of Service

Order Turnaround The normal turnaround time is 7-10 business days. Please note this does not include weekends nor national holidays. While Giant Iron Face may sometimes be hard at work over the weekend, wholesalers & courier firms usually are not. This time commences once artwork has been received in a ready-to-go format, all info pertaining to delivery and order specifications have been received and the order has been paid in full. Any delays in sending this information or problems with the artwork will likely result in an increased lead time on the order. Orders with a higher level or complexity or general nuisance (To wit; orders requiring complex art, multiple colours, mixed garment types, ink colour changeovers, multiple designs or garments such as hoodies which are trickier to handle) may also result in extended delivery time.

Communication It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all information relating to an order is sent to Giant Iron Face in a fixed, readable format such as email. Orders can be discussed verbally via telephone but any specific information must be sent via email in order for a permanent record to be retained. Please ensure emails are sent with a common subject header in order to avoid potential confusion caused by multiple separate emails.

Order Minimums Order minimums are based on a "10 prints per screen" rule. So for a 2-colour design an order of 20 prints will be the minimum.

Payment Payment must be received up front and in full before commencement of the order.

Art Guidelines Art must be provided at 300 DPI or in Vector format. Acceptable formats are .png, .jpg, .psd, .tiff, .ai or .pdf. Art should be scaled to the desired print size and checked prior to sending for any errors of spelling or composition as Giant Iron Face will take no responsibility for any unidentified errors once the print process has begun. You may request a mockup of the print prior to commencement of the order. Artwork that requires significant editing will result in extended order turnaround.

Garment Colour Giant Iron Face can source a large number of garments from many different manufacturers. These manufacturers will utilise different colour swatch naming schemes and therefore in order to correctly fulfil an order it is imperative that the customer make correct reference to the colours used by the manufacturer of choice. Also note that identically-named colours will vary in actual shade between manufacturers.

Manufacturer Out Of Stocks While Giant Iron Face will ensure that garments are available to purchase at the time of an initial inquiry, this can be subject to change prior to order commencement. Giant Iron Face will not be held liable for delays due to manufacture out of stocks or discontinued items. In these cases the customer will be notified immediately and provided with other options.

Manufacturer Defects Giant Iron Face will not be held responsible for any defects in garment manufacturing related to size, colour or construction.

Customer-provided Garment In the case of customer provided materials, t-shirts, etc.. Giant Iron Face accept no liability for any of the materials lost in the print process, and a customer supplies their own media at their own risk. Garments provided must be in factory fresh condition, and not worn or washed.

Colour Matching All colours in a design will be matched to the closest in house stock ink colour. For exact colour matches please request Pantone Matched colours. Pantone colour matches are available for an additional fee.

Max Imprint Sizes Giant Iron Face offers 2 print size maximum options. "Standard/A3", which has a maximum size of 30x43cm. And "Oversized", which has a maximum of 37x53.5cm.

Please be aware that not all garments share an equal minimum print surface. Oversize prints are generally unsuitable for women's fitted t-shirts, and smaller vest sizes. Due to the large pockets typical on most pullover style hoodies, the maximum print size for these garments is 37cm (wide) x 30cm (high). Giant Iron Face will not print over seams, buttons or zips.

Print Location & Print Size It is the customer's responsibility to provide details in regard to print placement and size. If no details are provided Giant Iron Face will print in standard locations (ex: Chest Print, Print to start 5-9cm inches below the collar).? Please keep in mind the scale of the print will vary on different sized garments and all items of an order will be printed with the same set of screens, unless a resize is ordered.

Print Placement Variance Although all efforts are made to ensure garments are printed centred & straight, garments may have variances in construction and are loaded by hand and will therefore be subject to minor changes in print placement by up to 1cm.

Order Cancellation In the event that an order is cancelled by a customer the refund will be based on the status of the order. Depending order status the customer may have to pay a restocking fee or for the garments themselves. If the order is completed no refund will be issued.

Shipping Giant Iron Face cannot be responsible for any shipping delays caused by the shipping company. Please note that once a shipment has been collected by the shipping company it is effectively out of our hands and cannot be intercepted or re-routed. Giant Iron Face do not accept liability for goods damaged in transit, and recommend that the customer request transit insurance.

Returns Giant Iron Face will go to any lengths to ensure that your order is printed correctly, however due to the manual nature of screen printing, and the natural tendency for unforeseen problems to occur, mistakes can happen. As all goods are bespoke items Giant Iron Face do not offer refunds except in cases where a drastic error has been made such as incorrect art, art placement or wrong garment colour. If you feel your order is defective then Giant Iron Face will do everything possible to rectify the issue in a timely fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do you do? A: We do textile screen printing using industry standard plastisol inks. If you've made it to our website chances are you're after some t-shirts. Well, we do that! As well as sweatshirts, hoodies, vests... Drop us an email and ask us if you've any special requests.

Q: What other garments do you offer other than t-shirts? A: Most things within reason, hoodies, tote bags etc. We can also offer vinyl imprints on baseball caps.

Q: Which brands of shirt do you supply? A: The most common brands and variations we offer are listed above, although many other options are available for a price. Just ask if there's something in particular you're looking for.

Q: What colour t-shirts do you do? A: That would depend on the brand you're going for. Check out the garment prices section where you can find links to details of each garment type.

Q: Can I mix sizes and colours in my order? A: That's not a problem at all. Be aware though that ink colour changes (say to switch from white on black, to black on white) will incur a £5 charge per changeover. This is to cover cleaning the screen of ink.

Q: What is the cheapest t-shirt we supply? A: Gildan Heavy Cotton in white.

Q: Are they any good? A: Yes, pretty good. Massive range of colours, good washability. We like them. If you're looking for heavier fabric though then we suggest Gildan Ultra or Fruit of The Loom Super Premium.

Q: Can you do front prints on zip-up hoodies? A: Yes, but not over zips.

Q: If I re-order more shirts do I have to pay screen charges again? A: Yeah 'fraid so. We just don't have the storage to keep screens lying around. We typically reclaim them for future use straight after a job. The setup fees cover not only the initial artwork film production, but also the screen preparation & cleanup.

Q: What format should I send my artwork in? A: As high res as possible at 300DPI preferably. The higher the res the better it will look enlarged. If you have a multi-layered image then Photoshop .psd files are fine, as are vector formats such as .ai or .pdf.

Q: Can you print full-colour photographic images or high-colour graphics? A: Sure, feel free to send us your artwork and we'll see what we can do for you.

Q: My artwork is a bit rough can you help? A: Well we're not professional graphic designers by any stretch, but feel free to email us and we'll see what we can do.

Q: Whats the biggest print you can do? A: We can print up to 14.5? wide and 21? long. Bigger than that and you'll no longer be able to fit the design on an adult size small shirt. Be aware that women's styles can only accommodate A3 size designs.

Q: Can you do an all over print? A: No. This requires serious equipment such as a belt printer or automatic press tooled for all-over prints. and usually discharge inks as well. It won't come cheap wherever you can get it due to the technical requirements.

Q: Whats your usual turn around? A: Assume up to 7 days. However depending on workload we may get the job done much sooner. It's always advised to leave at least 7 working days from payment however as I don't always have every shade of ink in stock and may need time to order in supplies.

Q: How much are screens? A: Standard, A3+ screens (12" x 18") are £10 per screen, Oversize screens (14.5" x 21") are £15 per screen.

Q: Whats the best way to pay? A: We accept both Paypal or direct bank transfer. Direct is preferred, Paypal payments will add a 3.4% surcharge.

Q: I dont have the money now, Can I pay after I receive the t-shirts? A: No I'm afraid not. There's just been too many problems caused by this.